Appeals Process

The desired outcome of a referral to Coordinated Access is to offer recommendations to resolve unmet needs of children. It is important to note that the implementation of Coordinated Access recommendations remain at the discretion of the client (where appropriate), parent or service provider.  An appeal may only be initiated as a result of being denied services. As such, a parent or service provider may not appeal based on their “preference” of service or request.  Appeals must be made to the Manager of Coordinated Access in writing within 5 days of the recommendation date and must include any additional information supporting the request for an appeal.   If the manager determines that new or additional information warrants a review, the manager will reconvene the committee to review the recommendations and new information provided by the family or service provider.  However, upon review, the clinical decision of the committee will be final.  If the family/service provider remains unsatisfied following the review, they must notify the Manager of Coordinated Access in writing within 5 days of the final decision to request a Steering Committee review.  The Manager will then convene the Steering Committee within 14 days to review the committee’s process in reaching their decision. It should be noted that the Steering Committee will not review or overturn the case resolution committee’s clinical recommendations.  The Steering Committee’s review will solely focus on ensuring the process (as outlined in the parent guide and Coordinated Access’ values and principles) were adhered to.  If the Steering Committee determines the case resolution process was adhered to, the committee’s recommendations will be supported.  However, should the Steering Committee deem that the process was not followed, they will reconvene the case resolution committee to proceed with a new presentation.  The manager of Coordinated Access can be reached by mail at: 2675 Queensview Dr. Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2 Attention to the Manager of Coordinated Access or by email at [email protected]