Day Treatment

A Section 23 placement (Day Treatment) provides an educational program and mental health services for students whose circumstances or needs prevent them from being successful within their community school. Funding is provided by the Ministry of Education under Section 23 of the Grants for Student Needs, in partnership with the Ministry of Community and Social Services, Ministry of Children and Youth and Ministry of Health.

Coordinated Referral is the coordinating body between the educational and therapeutic partners.  All Section 23 referrals are brought to Coordinated Access for presentation to the Coordinated Referral Committee.  The Coordinated Referral Committee is comprised of representatives from the treatment facilities, M.F. McHugh Education Centre and Le Transit. The committee members have been empowered by their respective agencies to make recommendations as it relates to program admission and or mental services (refer to mental health toolbox).

Coordinated Referral Committee members and Day Treatment Providers: