Client Profile

Developmental Sector Client Profile

The Case Resolution Mechanism is designed for children and youth who are aged 0-17 & 364 days, whose primary diagnosis is a developmental disability and are considered the most in need.

A child/youth is considered to be most in need when he poses a health, safety and/or security risk to himself/herself, or to others.  This is different from child/youth protection as outlined by the Child and Family Services Act.  The duty to report children/youth suspected to be in need of protection must be followed.  Children’s Aid Society has the exclusive mandate under the CFSA to assess for and provide child/youth protection services.  For the purpose of this framework, a child/youth in need of protection is not necessarily considered to be most in need.  The child/youth or family may require other developmental and/or mental health supports.  Where this is the case, the Children’s Aid Society may take a referral to the access mechanism, which will be treated equitably along with referrals from other sources.

The definition is applicable to children/youth whose condition is assessed to be such that if the identified intervention is not provided, the child’s condition will deteriorate to the point where permanent and irreversible damage is likely to occur.

The following are additional client profile qualifiers:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder;
  • Dual diagnosis;
  • Physical disability;
  • Medically fragile;
  • Everything has been tried and the system is incapable of responding;
  • They pose a risk to themselves or others;
  • Parental and family exhaustion and/or isolation;
  • Multiple children in the family;
  • Have a developmental disability and a behaviour problem;
  • Self-injurious;
  • Have been unable to get any kind of success with intervention attempted;
  • Need a high level of support.