Operations Committee

Terms of Reference
Operations and Logistics Committee (OLC)
Standing Committee of the
Child and Youth Mental Health Network (CYMHN)


The Operations and Logistics committee (OLC) will facilitate the development of a system of care (SOC) in the Ottawa community using the outcomes of the System of Care Practice Review (SOCPR) evaluations.  The committee will determine priority actions and associated strategies to achieve the establishment of a system of care while ensuring those are congruent with SOC values and principles.


The OLC was established as a permanent link between the CYMHN and the community projects it oversees in an effort to facilitate decision making and the sharing of information.  Further, the OLC will act as a support to the CYMHN in order to support its expressed goals to work in a more integrated fashion, assist in the resolution of systemic issues and facilitate system planning efforts.


The committee will be comprised of a maximum of 8 people at any given time.  Membership will be reviewed on an annual basis to optimize opportunities for community representation.  The chair of the CYMHN will be a standing committee member in order to facilitate the sharing of information between the OLC and the CYMHN.  The Chair of the OLC will assume the role of chair for a period of one year.  The OLC may seek to establish time limited task groups to assist with specific strategic goals as needed.  The OLC will meet monthly (rotation to be determined) except during the summer months.  The current membership is as follows;

  • Chair of the CYMHN, Cherry Murray, Executive Director, Crossroads Children’s Centre.
  • Chair of the OLC, Karen Tataryn, Operations Director, Mental health Patient Service Unit, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.
  • Barbara Mackinnon, Executive Director, Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa.
  • Francine Gravelle, Director of Mental Health Services, Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa.
  • Michael Hone, Director of Clinical Services, Crossroads Children’s Centre.
  • Natasha Tatartcheff-Quesnel, Manager, Ottawa Children’s Coordinated Access and Referral to Services.


The OLC will be a standing committee of the CYMHN.  The chair of the OLC and the CYMHN will be responsible to ensure on-going communication between the OLC and the CYMHN.  The OLC is empowered by the CYMHN to make operational decisions as needed in accordance with the committee’s mandate.  The systemic goals and associated strategies developed by the OLC will be presented as recommendations to the CYMHN for community input and endorsement.  Coordinated Access will provide the administrative support needed by the OLC.